Branding Designer

Hello, I’m Alex

Meet Alex, a branding designer who has been working in an agency for the past year. Alex is a creative and detail-oriented designer who is passionate about developing compelling visual identities for brands. He enjoys working collaboratively with clients and colleagues to bring their brand visions to life.


Graphic Designer  @  ATL Design  /  2022 to Present

I’ve been working at ATL Design a Web design agency for the past year now and i found that job so fun!

Branding Designer  @  Fiverr /  2019 to 2022

I work at Fiverr for 3 years, i really like doing job on Fiverr but the down side was that its really hard to get clients to work for there!


B.A @  McKenzie College/  2023 to 2025

This year i will finally go to college and i will studie. Bachelor’s Degree of Arts (B.A.) Advertising and Graphic Design à McKenzie College

Alex Bosse

Your brand is more than just a logo. Let’s create a comprehensive visual identity that reflects your values and personality.

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