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Lydia & Pearl

Lydia & Pearl is a lawyer logo, they wanted a serious look wile at the same time being modern. So i did a L, P monogram for Lydia & Pearl and i put some law leaf around with that i took a cream style white and it goes perfect! 

Simplex Properties

Simplex Properties logo, they wanted a modern blocky logo style, so i make a block with the S for simplex and the P for properties. In the top i put a roof and some windows for a house style so you know when you see this logo its about real estate, i give them a white a black color so it goes with everything and it give a minimal/modern look!


Peperu logo, for a boat craftsman he wanted a new modern look for is old brand while keeping a touch of vintage. The logo icon is a boat with a fish inside, and for the vintage look i put a vintage typeface that goes very weel with the logo icon. i put the overall logo in italic so it show how fast the boat goes!


Photosol logoit’s a solar pannels roof company, they wanted a logo that represent the brand with a minimal/modern look, and they wanted a energy type color!

Topo Fitness

Topo Fitness logo, they wanted something that represent the gym so i made a weight icon with inside some mountain because the clients wan’t to make this gym the best ever he wants is gym to be on top so i made some mountain to represent that!

More Soon!

Alex Bosse

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