Photosol Ui/Ux Design

This is my first Application. I did this for the Figma UI UX Design Essentials course that i completed. It was fun to make, and i really enjoy the overall course, now i know all the Figma tools to make the best Ui possible! 


Creat a Beer application named Photosol Craft Beer, the ideal customer is a man named Stephen and is in their late 20s, hes from New Brunswick Canada and he like to support small independent businesses.


He is on the mid 20s so he won’t like the old aspect of beer likes with old woods, etc. So with a more modern look and feel with illustration modern typeface would be perfect with a 20s audience i will go with more flashy colors to get the customer‘s eyes to focus on the colors. 


did a overall modern look with the typeface called Robotoi also use a variants of yellow, the yellow comes from the colors of the beers. i also did some little illustration for the modern looks, and i keep a minimal look!

Lydia & Pearl is a lawyer logo, they wanted a serious look wile at the same time being modern. So i did a L, P monogram for Lydia & Pearl and i put some law leaf around with that i took a cream style white and it goes perfect! 

Simplex Properties logo, they wanted a modern blocky logo style, so i make a block with the S for simplex and the P for properties. In the top i put a roof and some windows for a house style so you know when you see this logo its about real estate, i give them a white a black color so it goes with everything and it give a minimal/modern look!

Peperu logo, for a boat craftsman he wanted a new modern look for is old brand while keeping a touch of vintage. The logo icon is a boat with a fish inside, and for the vintage look i put a vintage typeface that goes very weel with the logo icon. i put the overall logo in italic so it show how fast the boat goes!

Alex Bosse

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